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A small island can be found right at the crossing of winds and roads, in the historic heart of Yaroslavl, at the great Russian river bank. You are welcome to stop over here, take a breath and listen to yourself. Here you will discover inner peace and tranquility and then continue your way.

In the very heart of the Volga embankment there is a White Tower of Love, a silent love symbol, striving skyward as if touching the clouds. This is a symbol of the VOLGA complex and the city of Yaroslavl itself.
This symbol is a witness of casual acquaintances, first dates and tremulous love expressions, a witness of birth of gentle and warm feelings, gallant relations and, of course, close-knit and happy families. There is a nice pavilion built at the bottom of this symbol tower for romantic sort of people whose feelings are rich and sincere.

The Vanilla Sky restaurant has been coupling hearts over the years. The majesty of the Volga river and boundless sky is seen out of the window but inside there is a live fire, comfort and… something more that can hardly be expressed in words but only felt.

Do not hold the moment, be here and now, let the sky change colors, let it turn vanilla…

Style, mood and inspiration are all here. Fetch it along!

Did you know that there were only two persons who could sense this delicate color? One of them was Van Gogh in whose name we called our grill house where the impressionism felicity and top-quality food mutually complement.

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The warm day brings a fresh breeze from the beautiful Volga being out and about our summer terrace. It is playing with children at the lawn when the sun is gleaming in a pool. And there is surely something we can learn from it, that is naturalness, easiness and freedom.

Georgian rough wine of fine bouquet and the moist shashlik with the flavor of country romance at our Vanilla Sky Belvedere will make you forget the city hustle and take a real rest.

They say that Anna Akhmatova used to divide people into two types: “Coffee-cat-Mandelstam” and “Tea-dog-Pasternak” where Coffee is the poetry and Tea is the prose. Our Vanilla Sky coffeehouse will welcome and take care of any poet as well as a prosaist and even a cat with a dog.


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